Nicholas Sarwark- Libertarian Party Committee Chairman


Melissa Davis, November 9, 2016

According to his profile on Wikipedia “Nicholas Sarwark (born August 27, 1979) is an American politician who is currently the chairman of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), the executive body of the Libertarian Party (LP) of the United States. He was first elected in 2014 then re-elected at the Libertarian National Convention in 2016. He graduated from Washington Adventist University in 1998. Sarwark received his Juris Doctor from American University’s Washington College of Law in 2008 cum laude.”

LP.Org holds nothing back in their description of him by stating that “Nicholas Sarwark is an unabashed, second generation Libertarian with a strong commitment to fighting on the party’s behalf against unfair ballot access obstacles and exclusion of qualified candidates from public debates. Sarwark has been an active member of the Libertarian Party since 1999 and has served on the Judicial and Bylaws committees of the national party. He also served as chair of the Libertarian Party of Maryland and as vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado where he played a key role in recruiting the state’s 42 Libertarian candidates in 2014 and supported the passage of Colorado’s historic marijuana legalization initiative in 2012.” “Professionally, Sarwark has been a criminal defense attorney and has worked over ten years in the private sector. He served as a deputy public defender in Colorado, trying more than 30 cases before a jury and arguing in front of the Colorado Supreme Court.” “Throughout his career, he developed a commitment to high-quality service which he now applies to raising the national Libertarian Party’s standards for support of state affiliates, members and candidates.”

In a live video interview on election night by Matt Welch of Reason Magazine, at the Gary Johnson Rally in Albuquerque, NM Sarwark stated on the Libertarian Party’s Plan for 2016 “The ideal is that we use the 2016 election as a springboard to mass defections and the destruction of at least one of the old parties,” explained Libertarian National Committee Chair”. “It’s time for the Republican Party to fall apart and go away,” he added. “Or the Democratic party. I don’t really care which.” “Our vote totals and our vote floors keep rising across the country,” says Sarwark. “We are in it for the long term, we are in it to win. It may take two years, four years, 20 years, but we are not going away. And the old parties are, frankly, dying.”

“Once you create this uncertainty by covering the spread, in a lot of races, everything starts to change real fast. And that’s when it gets fun. If you look at the trend lines for the voter registration numbers going back to 2012 to now, with partisan registration, with Libertarians being the only ones growing, if you look at the progression in vote totals over time running different kinds of candidates, Barr, Badnarik, Johnson, you know, we’ve tried all the things, we’re still growing. And, a lot of what it comes down to is we haven’t hitched our wagon to any personality. The Libertarian Party success is not hinged upon Gary Johnson, it’s not hinged upon a personality in a way that say a Ralph Nader or Ross Perot were the driving forces behind their parties and then when they got tired of politics or were no longer popular, the party went away. We’re doing the hard work organizing in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We’re running those local candidates up and down the ballot in the off years …

Discomfort is where growth comes from. Libertarians are strong. We’ve been doing this for 45 years. I think we can handle a little growth.

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