Are Libertarians Against Helping the Poor and Underprivileged?

is4slfgDonnie Davis, Feb 26, 2017

A common argument used against libertarianism or libertarian ideas, this particular topic is one that is based in the false notion that we as a political party do not care for the little guy or those who are living in poor economic conditions. Many a times we scoff at this approach to discredit our political viewpoints and simply state that the freedom to fail is just that and that we are not fiscally responsible for other people’s misfortune. As that is the main reasoning for our ideas, a lot of people will still see this as a heartless approach to dealing with this issue.

So, to throw some intellectual reasoning with no emotions involved:

Fiscally conservative = less government spending = minimal taxes = more money in “poor people’s” pockets.

Socially liberal = personal freedom = everyone is free to do as they will unless they violate someone else’s life, liberty, or property = no jail/criminalization for people living their lives = more freedom for “poor people”.

Free markets = no government hoops = more businesses = more competition = lower costs = more opportunity = more jobs and lower cost for “poor people”.

Libertarianism and free markets are the best systems for the poor and wealthy as everyone keeps more of their money and has less restrictions on how they want to live their lives.

Socialism, or more specifically socialist programs, rob from Peter to pay Paul for services provided to Sally. Theft is theft and should be treated as such. Taxation is legalized theft and is a necessary evil that needs to be minimized and recognized as such.

Any regulation, law, or requirement by any governing body may not be permitted to violate rights of any citizen to benefit others; as this is tyranny and should be met with opposition. The same goes with any unchecked corruption of governing bodies, monopolized marketplaces and corporations, and etc. The second amendment is a guarantee to the people that they may use deadly force to protect themselves, their rights, and anyone who they choose to assist that is being victimized.

Proper venues currently exist for providing care and welfare for those who are impoverished. Charities, homeless shelters (if approved by the community), food drives/banks, clothing donations, and many other forms of donations exist nationwide and are completely voluntary forms of social welfare. We as libertarians urge everyone to care for their fellow citizens but WILL NOT FORCE you to pay for their care by means of legalized extortion also known as taxation.

Large, powerful, and over reaching government is never the resolution. An open heart, compassion, and empathy is what is needed and passing laws to force people to open their pockets to fund federal welfare programs is wrong. Allow the people to choose whether or not they wish to donate or be charitable. Freedom of choice is a necessary requirement in the idea of a free nation.

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3 thoughts on “Are Libertarians Against Helping the Poor and Underprivileged?

  1. I agree in principal with the Libertarian platform. No one system will satisfy or help everyone.
    As Jesus Christ said, “The Poor will always be with you”. My concern is with the demise of the Middle Class which stanilizes society. I believe this can be linked to the destruction of the manufacturing sector in the USA. We have lost 70,000 manufacturing plants since 2001.
    Having spent my career in the electronics industry, which is shifting to Asia I have learned how the Asian Countries operate. They promote manufacturing by subsidizing factories in key industries and promote multinational companies to use their factories and hire their workers.
    Unless the US uses a similar strategy, mfg in this country is doomed and we will continue heading to Thirld World Status with the social problems including drug addiction, theft and kidnapping that come with it.


  2. The manufacturing sector has not been destroyed. We are manufacturing as much as ever. Thanks to automation and other increases in efficiency, we do so with fewer people. This is a good thing.


  3. The trouble with libertarians is that so few of them want to get their hands dirty with actual politics or come up with a tightly focused program that the public can be persuaded of. They are tone deaf when they use slogans like “taxation is theft” or call any sort of popular program “socialism”. They have no conception of incremental progress. Things must either be perfect or else the whole government must be overthrown. It’s fun to discuss philosophy and ideology, and be “right” about everything, but we should never confuse that with making the world a better place for everyone.


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