The Ask A Libertarian Drinking Game


By The Ask a Libertarian Team

You will need:
At least 3 people
Clear cups

There are three types of players: one Regulator, at least one Tax Collector, and peasants.

The Regulator decides what everyone is drinking, and may at any time command everyone to finish their drinks. The regulator may also make up to two additional rules of his/her choosing at any point throughout the game. The regulator is not subject to any other rules of the game, including his own drink choices. The regulator is voted on by all players before the game begins.

Peasants have no power. They must do as commanded and take all penalties. All peasants will have their cups marked approximately ⅓ of the way down from the top. This portion is their tax. No peasant is allowed to drink the first third of their cup. They can, however, tattle on the other players if they do not follow the rules.

Tax collectors contribute no booze to the party. Instead, they are entitled to the first third of each player’s drink every round.

If the tax collector does not want any of the peasant’s beverage, the peasant must dump it into the nearest toilet.


Anyone caught breaking the regulator’s rules is subject to a penalty decided on by a majority vote from all players before the game begins.

Anyone caught drinking the first third of their drink, and anyone forced to dump their drink in the toilet, receives the following penalty:

Since taxes have been wasted, all of the other players will harass the offending peasant, screaming some variation of the phrase, “but what about the roads?!” This will continue until the offending player takes a “muh roads”/hot asphalt shot: equal parts Jagermeister, Fireball, and strong hot coffee.


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One thought on “The Ask A Libertarian Drinking Game

  1. perhaps the previous articles were not penned under the intoxication of cannabis sativa, but rather under the influence of the regulator. This drinking game uses the paradigm of a dictatorship to illustrate libertarianism?


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