In Support of the 2nd


Andrew Deemer, June 13, 2017

Hello. My name is Andrew Deemer, I am going to discuss the 2nd amendment, why I support said amendment, why some people want to add more restrictions to said amendment, and why these restrictions are ineffective. I will also discuss why I prefer the AR 15 over a shotgun for home defense, AR15 facts, and more.

To understand why it is that I choose to support the second amendment, you must look at my past. I grew up in Ohio in a family that had weapons. My parents taught me about the weapons in the house. They made sure that, even though they taught me, those weapons were never within my reach. They taught me to respect the weapon at all times and to handle it as if it were loaded. I also have a military background. It was here I learned how to use an M16. I fell in love with the format of the weapon which is the main reason I prefer this weapon for home defense. It is a platform that I am well trained and am very confident. Fixing jams is second nature. I could take it apart blindfolded. A shotgun is longer than most AR15’s. I can sweep corners and clear my house easier with an AR15 than a shotgun because of the overall length of my shotguns. The AR15 is also faster to bring up than a shotgun. The sights are easy to adjust to what makes you comfortable. The recoil of the AR15 is easier to control in close quarters.

Now when it comes to supporting the second amendment, I truly believe it is one of the most important to defend. When this amendment was ratified in the year 1791, our fathers wrote this amendment because they were afraid of a one free-standing army. It was put in place to protect the American people from a government that had become too powerful.

The individuals that want to put more restrictions on the 2nd amendment truly believe that they are helping to stop mass shootings. Sadly, this is as far from reality as Star Wars. If you want physical proof, let’s take a look at Chicago. This city is controlled by the democratic party, which is the same party that believes in very strict gun laws. In the 8 months since the year 2016 had begun, Chicago has seen more murders than the whole year of 2015. Within those 8 months 474 people were murdered. The whole year of 2015, in Chicago, there were 468 murders. This number is staggering. Throughout 2015, out of 2,327 shootings, 2,843 people were either killed or wounded. As of Friday Sept 2, 2016, there were 2,318 shootings, and out of those, 2,848 people were killed, or wounded. This number was still on the rise, with four more months in the year. Now you might ask, “Well how is this relevant?” These are numbers from one of the most, if not the most, gun restricted places in the country. This is why gun control does not work as intended. Imagine, if you will, if more people in Chicago concealed carried? How low would those numbers be?

The AR15 is one of the most popular platforms being sold today, considered to be today’s modern sporting rifle. But sadly the AR15 has been given a bad reputation by gun grabbers. Thankfully, there are people out there that will stand up for this weapon, myself included. So let me lay down some facts. First and foremost, the AR in AR15 does not stand for “assault rifle,” nor does it stand for automatic rifle. AR stands for ArmaLite (which is a brand). An assault rifle is fully automatic which means the AR15 does not fit into this category. If you would like to see a real assault rifle, look up the M249 S.A.W. Though the AR15 looks like your standard issue M16, this is not the case. The M16, depending on the model M16 A1, A2, A3, A4, and the M4, has two firing positions, semi-auto and full-auto, as well as safe mode. The AR15 has safe and fire. It is reliable, accurate, versatile, great for target shooting and hunting.

We all want the American people to be safer. The current government programs go about it all wrong. The LA buy-back program, for example, not only has people turning in their weapons, they are only given $100 for weapons that cost at minimum of $300. When LA does these programs they are televised. Anybody can see who no longer has weapons in their home, making them an easy target. What is even worse is that these people are willing to put their family in harm’s way. The average response time for emergency services to reach your house is 6 minutes. What are you going to do if the person breaking into your home isn’t a burglar? What if this individual is a murderer? Now I understand that this is a hypothetical, but the fact that some are willing to risk it being a burglar vs a murder is just insane. This is not a risk I would be willing to take. So, with that said, this is why I chose to be a libertarian. I believe in the doctrine of free will.

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