EXCLUSIVE: Inside Info on Larry Sharpe’s Announcement


Jared Miller July 16, 2017

Larry Sharpe has been everywhere for the past few weeks. He has been making the rounds on libertarian podcasts, putting out more videos, and even using paid ads to hype up his July 12th announcement. There’s been a lot of speculation about what this announcement could be, but no solid info. There is a countdown clock on his webpage, and there’s also been talk on social media about “the biggest libertarian ticket since Jonson/Weld.” There were even (not so serious) rumors circulating about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seeming to reply to Johnson/Weld’s campaign slogan on SNL. While on the topic of running for president, he stated, “I’m In.”  Of course, unless Dwayne Johnson himself shows up in Sharpe’s announcement, this is all just wild (mostly sarcastic) speculation.

Someone close to Sharpe has approached us with more information on the event. While they would not tell us exactly what the announcement was, we think we have a pretty good idea. I asked them some questions under the condition of anonymity. In light of that, I will be referring to them as “The Emissary.”

AAL: What is Larry’s announcement?

Emissary: Larry’s announcement is about the future of the LP. He’s put in a ton of work behind the scenes this year to give Libertarians replicable new ways to spread our message more effectively, and he’s almost ready to put the next phase of that plan into action.

AAL: Is it political, or is it a new personal project?

Emissary: It’s political. I think a lot of Libertarians have been hoping to see Larry run for office for a while now, and he’s doing it in a way that really leverages the talents and aspirations of the untapped wave of activists we’ve attracted as a movement since 2016.

AAL: Does it have anything to do with his 7 year plan?

Emissary: This is definitely a part of the 7 year plan. The Liberty movement needs a replicable model infrastructure-wise to support great candidates at every level of government, especially candidates who will support other candidates. Larry has really gone above and beyond on both fronts.

AAL: Does this concern the “biggest ticket since Johnson/Weld” I keep hearing about?

Emissary: Larry is an all-in type of guy. If he’s going to go, he’s going to go big.

AAL: Has Larry been in contact with Dwayne Johnson?

Emissary: Haha! I hope so.

AAL: Could this be part of a “long game” leading up to a Sharpe presidential run?

Emissary: There definitely seems to be a lot of excitement around that possibility, so I suppose it’s not out of the question. 2020 will be here before we know it, and it’ll be exciting to see how we evolve as a movement in the next couple years.

AAL: Does it directly involve any other candidates or activists?

Emissary: We have an incredible team on this project, hundreds of talented volunteers at the time of this conversation, and growing every day. That’s one of our top priorities right now, is finding new ways to leverage the talents of our most passionate activists

After talking to The Emissary, we know it is a political run. Most likely it will be something more immediate than a Presidential campaign. If his goal is to be the big ticket race that diverts more attention to the small ticket races, it is likely either a Congressional run, or a state level office. There are many state level candidates in New York that Larry works with very closely, so it would make a lot of sense if he focused his attention there. Our best guess is that Larry will be announcing his candidacy  for Governor of New York. A gubernatorial run would accomplish each of his goals, and as The Emissary hinted, it would be the perfect place to develop a replicable infrastructure for future libertarian campaigns. If we are correct, and Sharpe can use this to create an exportable  “campaign template,” we could start running more efficient and successful campaigns in the future.


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